Our Expertise

Cloud Architecture & Micro Services

Our application development considers cloud deployable and highly scalable architecture that employs Micro Services pattern to minimize resources and maximize performance. When a single cluster reaches the threshold, we understand the need for auto scale provisions that saves business during critical times to prevent outages. Our experience on cloud computing started from the SaaS era and continued to evolve with the latest cloud application standards and principles keeping up with state-of-the-art platforms on Openstack, AWS and as well as private, public and hybrid cloud architecture.

Accounting, Billing & Payments

We have experience in developing and providing custom accounting and billing modules in many of our products that includes invoice generation and payment processing. Some of the accounting features comes with complex fee formulas and accounting and tallying with GL and also integrating with third party accounting systems.

Customer Relationship Management

Our latest product development on CRM, features social media interaction that puts your product and process in the social media arena of your customers where they hangout nowadays. Using the power of social media we bring solutions that are seemlessly integrated to facebook and twitter to advertise your products and upsell your services to new and existing customers.

Land, Property & Rental Management

Having experience in public sector designing and developing custom application for land records management, permits and inspections, our technical team has the expertise in property management. We continue to expand in this space as this is one of the most attention seeking industry that still lacks the near perfect solution to serve management companies and individual land owners.


Since the dot com burst, we have been developing applications that deal with ecommerce one way or the other. Recently as this domain has picked up well and exceeds the expectation that was set before the burst, every product development company tends to have their presence in this space and we are not new to this.

Educational Management Systems

Education meets technology when someone provides usable, intuitive software products to help make the educational management efficient. Students and faculty comes together, once again after the classroom, in this technology space where the parents also take role to facilitate the development of their children. Having field experience in analyzing and design educational systems, we have a strong hand in building and expanding our product to fit your needs.


Healthcare is the most decorative feather on our hat because we bring 6 years of experience in dealing with medical device designing and Hospital Application Systems adhering to HIPAA and FDA rules and regulations. This one is a constantly evolving industry which demands constant innovation and production of efficient software platform which interacts heavily with hardware interfaces. Whether it is patient monitoring or nurse call management systems or hospital information systems, we have to knowledge to jump start our analysis to provide professional services that fits your budget.

Mobile Apps

If you are in the interenet, then you also need to be mobile. Most software products out there needs an app nowadays, because apps give the ease of use and flexibility to perform some tasks or make payment or check information quickly and easily. Although our mobile application development is a fresh start, we have the core competence to develop iphone and android apps for your needs.

Social Media

Like mentioned before, social media is one top target when it comes to bringing your product or services to your customers. We have recently started investing in this media and quickly became proficient in providing an integration ramp to our products that brings our customers products to their customers social medium.

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