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SMART - Student Management And Record Tracking

A Centralized Educational Management System

SMART is a centralized, web-based solution that provides newfound unity among schools, parents and students. Educational institutions utilize SMART to give parents immediate, convenient access to their children?s academic records. Student attendance and performance are monitored through the system and transmitted securely via Internet, email, phone and SMS. Parents are instantly notified of absences, exam scores and progress reports, and can also receive periodic reports through SMART.

Review Student Performance, Alerts and SMS

With SMART, parents have the ability to track pertinent information regarding their children?s academic performance via the method most convenient to them. For instance, parents may be notified of an unplanned absence, special event, school closure, or scheduled sport activity via SMS. They will also receive all messages automatically via email. In addition, parents don't have to wait on their child to share the results of an exam or report card. They can dial SMART phone number to obtain automated information via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, 24 hours a day. Alternatively, they can log onto the application online, to see all their children's metrics presented in a dashboard view.

Better Students, Better Schools, Better Society

With this SMART system in place, parents and children have a clear understanding from the moment school starts, and communication is strengthened through heightened sharing of information. As the system promotes responsiveness and any unplanned absence can be immediately addressed, parents are enabled to take proactive steps to keep their children on the right path. SMART helps to produce more disciplined, accountable graduates, forming a more efficient society starting with new graduates freshly entering the workforce. SMART empowers schools to be in clear control of student records and performance, and heightens the institution?s reputation with every parent who wants to give their child the best chances to succeed.